Video Poker Rules

October 22, 2014

Last updated: Oct 17, 2006

Object of the Game

Video Poker rules are very simple. Just as in the table version of draw poker you are dealt a hand of five cards taken from a randomly shuffled deck of 52 cards.

After that you can keep or discard as many cards as you like. The object of the video poker is to receive the highest ranked five card poker hand possible. The lowest winning poker hand depends on the version of Video Poker.

In Jacks or Better you need to get a pair of jacks or better in order to get paid. In Deuces Wild you only get paid with a three of a kind or better.

Winnings are paid according to Payout Table which also depends on the version of the game. In order to understand the game, it is necessary to understand basic poker hands

Basics of Video Poker

Video Poker is a simplified poker game, but you are not playing against other players, as in traditional poker, but you are playing against the machine. This means that all you have to do is get a certain hand or better in order to get paid. For example, in Jacks or Better if you have a pair of jacks you will get the same payout if you have two Kings, as there is nobody else to beat your hand.

Playing the Video Poker

1. When beginning play choose the coin size you want to bet and what your bet will be. The minimum and maximum betting limit (usually between 1 and 5) your will find on the screen. Put a certain number of coins/credits into the coin slot,

2. After your bet, push a button marked "DRAW/DEAL". The machine deals you five cards and they will be displayed in the play area on your screen

3. Evaluate the cards in your hand. If you have a winning hand it will be indicated on the payout schedule. If not, hold the cards that can potentially give you the highest payout. You can keep or discard as many cards as you like. To keep a card, click on the card or the "hold" button underneath. If you have automatic hold enabled, the cards will automatically be kept for you.

4. When you have selected all the cards you want to hold, push "DRAW/DEAL" to replace the cards you chose not to keep.

5. The cards not being held are replaced with new cards. Your cards are then compared to the table of winning combinations. If the value of your hand is two jacks (for Jacks or Better) or better you will be paid according to Payout Table.

Doubling phase

The doubling option gives you a chance to increase your winnings.

After getting a winning hand you will be given the chance to double the payout, or to collect your winnings. Usually the double option is on by default, so the "double" and "collect" buttons will be highlighted. To collect your winnings, push the "collect" button.

If you want to try and win more, push the "double" button. The machine will give you another hand of five cards. The dealers'' card will be exposed, while the remaining four cards will be left face down. Hold one of them.

If the card you chose is higher than the dealers' card, you will win the double amount of your original payout. You will then be given the chance to double your payout again or to collect your winnings.

If your card is of the same rank, it is a tie, and you will have a chance to collect your original winnings or to double up.

Otherwise, you lose and will not receive any payout.

If you have collected your winnings you can begin another hand.