Online Casino Banking

Last updated: April 22 2012

Credit cards

Credit cards logoNowadays the purchasing online casino credits with a bank-issued credit card is becoming difficult because of a regulation at American credit card companies avoiding to accept the high-risk transactions for gambling purposes.

But still many online casinos will allow them if you fax the credit card and an id first. More details about Credit Cards Payments.

Thankfully there are several alternative payment methods you can choose from.

Personal Internet Accounts

The Personal Internet Accounts is a third party intermediary between your bank and online service/company you want to pay. You register your online account at one of this companies, then fund it by credit card, wire transfer, check (many other options). After that you can make payments online.

Personal Internet Accounts are very popular methods for online payment:

  • It's free - you pay nothing for making purchases from your online wallet
  • It's fast - you can make instant payments
  • It's safe - you can perform funds transfers without revealing your credit card details

As for gambling online:

  • Easy way to keep track of your online transactions
  • Low-cost fee for withdrawing money to your bank
  • Many casinos also offer extra bonuses when you use one of this methods.

There are many types of Personal Internet Accounts available today, some of them are listed here:

Fire Pay logoFire Pay

A FirePay Personal Account is a Web-based account that works like a debit card - you deposit money into your FirePay Personal Account directly from your U.S. Bank account, and then use your account to purchase goods and services online. More details.

Neteller logoNeteller

Neteller is very easy to use, it's powerful and secure. The number of casinos using Neteller has grown dramatically since PayPal dropped out. More details about Neteller

Central Coin logoCentral Coin

CentralCoin is is another personal payment service. Not so popular like Neteller or FirePay but still offers good service. If you can connect to the Internet, you can get an account. More details about Central Coin

As for PayPal, they no longer accept online casino purchases.

Other online payment methods

PrePaidATM card  logoPrePaidATM card

A PrePaidATM card is the only ATM Card which is not tied to a bank account. It combines the services of an ATM card, a debit card and a money transfer card in one. More details

900 Pay logo900 Pay

900 Pay is probably the most simple and secure method for online shopping, and an excellent solution if you don't want to use your credit card for shopping online. Your online purchases will be directly billed to your phone bill as a Navaho Networks purchase. More details

Citadel  logoCitadel

Citadel Commerce Electronic Internet Checks is a convenient payment method for US customers who don't have credit cards or have reached their limit. More details about Citadel

Traditional payment methods

ACH or Electronic Check Processing.

An ACH is a bank transfer from your US based check or savings checking account to another checking account. More details.

Wire transfer

A wire transfer allows you to wire money directly from your checking account to the casino's checking account. Often a casino will give you a bonus for depositing with a money order, to cover your transaction costs. More details

Western Union logo Western Union

The Western Union Money Transfer service allows people to send and receive money, without requiring a checking account or a credit card. Often a casino will give you a bonus for depositing with a money order, to cover your transaction costs. More details


Checks are written orders to instruct your bank to transfer money from your account to that of the check-holder. Most casinos will accept checks to fund your casino account. Checks are often used to send you your winnings. More details.

Money Orders

Personal money orders are also called registered checks, and are available at your local bank. You can issue a personal money order without having a checking account. The US Postal Service issues postal money orders, which are almost identical to a personal money order.