Casino Integrity Guide

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Many people who gamble online do not bother to check some very simple information before they start gambling at a new casino.

If an online casino want you to trust them with your money, your should check out a few things, it will save you a lot of problems in the end.

To check out a casino, you should use your brain and very basic common sense methods. Use a systematic approach to recognize the pros and cons for a casino.

The casino is licensed
To be licensed an online casino should follow certain standards of the hosting country. Licensing starts around $50k and is usually for a minimum period of 2-3 years. It is estimated, that about 20% of online gambling operators are not licensed - never play at an unlicensed casino.
You can always check if the online operator has the license by visiting official site of the jurisdiction.
The casino uses software of well established software provider
Casino software vendors are interested in fair gaming of their licensees.
The payouts is certified by a major accounting firm
Reliable online casinos engage them to review and report on the payout percentages of participating casinos.
For example, Microgaming and all its licensee casinos, has PriceWaterhouseCoopers review historical return to player rates. These reports are usually posted at the casinos' site.
The casino is a member of a respected watchdog organization.
Not every organization proclaiming itself a "watchdog" can be trusted. Often it is just a online advertising portal for some group of online casinos. Good watchdog organizations proclaim a set of good practices its members (casinos, software vendors, casino portals and players) have to adhere to.

There are also some things to look for:

  • The casino has a good reputation on the major gambling message boards
  • The casino is affiliated with the land based casino
  • The casino has adopted by a self labeling content rating system
  • The casino is supported by respected and well established casino portals

The casino that takes the time to put together a well - planned site, reliable software, reports from audit company and license is usually aimed to the long term success. Such casinos do not have to cheat players to make money - there are many operators that have worked long to establish a brand that players associate with professionalism and honesty.