Roulette Systems

Monday, December 2, 2019

In this section we will describe some Mathematical Roulette systems and their popular variations.

In the very beginning we should notice that the game of Roulette is often used as example of unbeatable gambling games. And that is really true. As we calculated in the Roulette Odds, both American and European Roulette has negative expectation for the player.

Nevertheless, every new generation of gamblers tries to invent its own mathematically proven system to beat the casino. You can try too.

In order to prevent you from inventing the system that have already been invented many years (and even centuries) ago. We will list some basic Roulette systems with a short description to illustrate how it works and try to point out the catches within every particular system.

Dr. Edward O. Thorp in his book "The mathematics of gambling" gives the definition for mathematical system.

Mathematical system is a system where the player decides which bet to make using only the following information:

  • the result in the previous spin or some number of previous spins
  • the bets he has made, if any, on those spins

Now, read about some popular roulette systems below - pick one or two you want to try.