Caribbean Stud Poker

July 26, 2014

Last updated: Feb 28, 2007

The objective of the game is to beat the dealer' five-card poker hand. The game is 'Stud' that means the player do not get additional cards after initial hand is dealt.

Playing Caribbean Stud

  • A player makes the initial Ante wager.
  • The player also can make a progressive bet if allowed by the rules of the particular online casino.
  • The dealer deals five cards to the player's hand and five cards to the dealer's hand where one card dealt face up.
  • The player evaluates his hand and makes on of two decisions - to Fold or to Call.
  • The player Folds if he does not believe he will beat the dealer's hand and loses the Ante bet.
  • The player makes a Call bet (twice the Ante bet) if he believes his hand will beat the dealer's hand.
  • Then dealer checks his hand.
  • If dealer's hand does not qualify (doesn't contain an ace and a king or better) the player wins even money (1:1) on the Ante bet, Call bet is returned.
  • If dealer's hand qualifies, the highest hand (dealer's or player's) is determined according to hierarchy of poker hands.
  • If dealer's hand is higher than player's, the player loses both Ante and Call bets to dealer.
  • If player's hand outranks the dealer's hand then the player wins even money (1:1) on Ante bet and the Call bet is paid as at the Caribbean Stud Payouts.

Read about Caribbean Stud Strategy and Compare rules offered by software providers.

Progressive Jackpot

To qualify for the Jackpot, a player must make a side 'bonus bet' before playing the hand. Jackpot (or share of the jackpot) is paid regardless if the Dealer "qualifies" or not according to the table below.

Caribbean Stud Payouts

Player's Hand Payout for Call Bet Jackpot Pay Schedule
Royal Flush 100:1 100%
Straight Flush 50:1 10%
Four of a Kind 20:1 $500
Full House 7:1 $100
Flush 5:1 $50
Straight 4:1 --
Three of a kind 3:1 --
Two pairs 2:1 --
One pair 1:1 --
High card (Ace, King) 1:1 --

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