Roulette Table Layout

December 2, 2019

American roulette table layoutThe game is played at a table with a roulette wheel and with an imprinted betting layout, that allows to place bets on one or more numbers at a time. The table layout contains all the numbers appearing on the wheel and are arranged to offer a variety of bets.

The roulette layout is divided into different sections:

  • Inner section
  • Outside section.

Inner section

The Inner section contains each individual numbers presented on the wheel (for "inside bets"). The short lines of three numbers on the board are called rows, while the longer lines, each holding twelve, are called columns.

Outside section

The outside section that has betting areas which correspond to a characteristic of each number or correspond to certain groups of numbers (for "outside bets").

Layout differences

American roulette layout and European roulette layout are almost the same, except for:

  • Additional "double zero" on American table.
  • On the American table, all numbers except zeros, are colored in their respective colors (red or black),
  • On the European table numbers are white.
  • The European roulette table have a mechanism to place so-called Announces (call bets).

The French Roulette layout is different in the placement of outside section.

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