Roulette Payoffs and House Edge

December 2, 2019

As we described before, there are three main variations of the roulette game. While all the games have the same payouts for the bets, the house edge is different.

Roulette rules (terminology)
House edge
Bets Payoff American European French American European
Inside Bets
One number 35:1 Straight up Straight up En plein 5.26 2.70
Two numbers 17:1 Split Bet Split Bet Cheval 5.26 2.70
Three numbers 11:1 Street Bet Street Bet Transversale 5.26 2.70
Four numbers 8:1 Corner Corner Carre 5.26 2.70
Five numbers 6:1 Five Numbers n/a n/a 7.89 n/a
Six numbers 5:1 Line Bet Line Bet Sixainne 5.26 2.70
Outside Bets
Twelve numbers 2:1 Column Column Colonne 5.26 2.70
Dozen 2:1 Dozen Dozen Douzaine 5.26 2.70
Black Red* 1:1 Red or Black Red or Black Noir - Rouge 5.26 2.70
Odd - Even* 1:1 Even or Odd Even or Odd Impair - Pair 5.26 2.70
Low - High* 1:1 Low or High Low or High Manque - Passe 5.26 2.70
Special Rules (only for Red/Black, High/Low, Odd/Even bets)
*With "En Prison" n/a 1.35
*With "Surrender" 2.70 n/a

If you would like to find out how the House edge is calculated, read Roulette odds.

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