French Roulette rules

December 2, 2019

Object of the game

French Roulette rules is very much like for European roulette. It has the same 37 numbered wheel with one zero but another table layout for outside bets.

The object of the game is still the same - to predict which number out of possible 37 the ball will land on.

But of course, there is one remarkable difference - THEY SPEAK FRENCH! So, if you want to play French roulette you should know the French terms for standard bets.

The player odds in French roulette are lower than the odds in American roulette. The wheel has (like European roulette) only one zero, and players loose only 50 of their even-money bets if the wheel stops on zero! This is known as the "La Partage" rule.

Bet on European French Payoff
Inside bets
One number Straight up En plein 35:1
Two numbers Split Bet Cheval 17:1
Three numbers Street Bet Transversal 11:1
Four numbers Corner Carre 8:1
Six numbers Line Bet Sixainne 5:1
Outside bets
Twelve numbers Column Colonne 2:1
Twelve numbers Dozen Douzaine 2:1
Red or Black numbers Red or Black Rouge - Noir 1:1
Even or Odd numbers Even or Odd Pair - Impair 1:1
Low or High numbers Low or High Manque - Passe 1:1

French roulette


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