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December 2, 2019


Frequently Asked Question #1
If one color has been coming up a lot, are my odds better by betting with it or against it on the next round?

Your odds do not change regardless of whether you choose to bet with the color or against it. Roulette is a game of independent events, where one spin has no effect on the outcome of any other spin. What appear to be patterns actually have no affect on the probabilities associated with the available bets. The chance of hitting red or black on any given spin is always a consistent number.

This is sometimes difficult to believe, because we have likely all experienced runs of red or black numbers on the roulette wheel. Statistically though, it is not unlikely for such a run to occur; in fact there is an expectancy to it. Runs of red or black numbers are just as likely as runs with alternating colors.

Frequently Asked Question #2
Is there a difference between betting on a combination of numbers and betting on the same numbers individually?

If you bet $4 on a split bet that covers four numbers, your expected outcome is equivalent to betting $1 each on the four numbers you're covering. Splitting your bet over the numbers is only beneficial because it is convenient, and it allows you to place multiple small bets if you wish to.

Frequently Asked Question #3
Can you beat the house by starting with a table minimum bet on an even-money spot, then doubling-up after every loss and returning to the lowest level when you win?

This is commonly referred to as the 'Martingale' betting system, and has been discussed at length in many forums of gambling discussion. The Martingale system does offer a high likelihood of netting a small profit, but pits that likelihood against a low chance that you could lose a major amount. The flaw in the system revolves around upper table limits. If you happen to start into a losing pattern where you are doubling your bet each time, the amount you are betting after a few short losses in a row grows rapidly. Eventually you reach the upper table limit and can no longer recover all of your losses with a win on the next spin. If a player is unlucky enough to lose a number of times in a row, the potential losses are usually seen to greatly outweigh the potential wins.


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