Sign-up or Welcome Bonuses

April 5, 2017

Last updated: Apr 02, 2004

You will receive Welcome bonus only once when you open a real account or/and make the first purchase.

No Purchase (No Deposit Bonuses)

Nowadays the No Deposit Casino Bonuses and No deposit Poker Bonuses offered by only a few online gambling sites. Anyway it is still the best way to test out the games with real money.

To get the No Purchase/No Deposit Bonus you have to download the software and register real account. You have to provide casino (poker room) some information about your in order you could not get this bonus twice.

The size of No Purchase Bonuses are not very high in dollar terms, but it's a great way to evaluate a gambling Site. So keep your bets low.

Percentage Bonuses

Casino will add to your account a bonus of x% of the amount you deposit to a certain limit. For example, the Sun Palace Casino gives a new player a 25% bonus for purchases between $501 and $2000. So if you buy $2000 you will get $500 in free chips. A percentage bonus gives you the better odds for making a profit - but you also need to deposit a large amount to receive them.

We listed Percentage Bonuses for your convenience

As Online Casinos Poker Rooms and Bingo Halls usually offer sign up bonuses as percent bonuses.

Match Bonuses (Fixed Bonus With Deposit)

To get a Match Bonus (or fixed bonus) you have to deposit an exact sum of dollars or more. For example, the Club Dice Casino will add to your gaming account $1000 if you purchase $3000. But if you purchase $3500 you will get the same $1000.

Obviously, any match bonus can be described as percentage bonus too. In the above example it's 30 percent, but unlike the Percentage Bonuses, terms are not so flexible as you have to deposit a certain amount.

Purchase method bonuses

Besides the listed above types of welcome bonuses some casinos offer a special bonuses for certain methods of payment to promote them.

For example, when you buy chips at Sky Kings Casino they will give an additional 20% bonus up to $1000 for your NETELLER deposit. Keep in mind, that this bonus can be combined with other promotions.