Free Blackjack... use it to make more money

November 29, 2019


Use free blackjack to make more money? Isn't that a contradiction? How can free play make you money? In fact, there are two distinct ways that playing free blackjack online can help make you more real money.

The first revolves around the fact that blackjack is a game of skill, which has a variable house edge. Since we know the house edge in blackjack changes with our decisions during the game, and since we know free blackjack is exactly the same as its real-money counterpart, we have an opportunity to practice in ideal conditions, with no risk. This opportunity should not be missed. How many times has a casino in Vegas offered a few free games of blackjack so that a player can get used to the dealer and table? More than that though, you can fully test out any system or strategy on the free blackjack game, until you are confident enough in your strategy and skill to play for real cash. There is simply no better way to learn basic strategy, which is more a process of memorization than anything else.

If you're new to the game of blackjack, take the time to read our How To Play Blackjack primer, and also our blackjack rules and strategy pages. From this you will gain a solid understanding of the importance of basic strategy, and you will feel much more confident that you are making the best decisions during your stay at the table.

The second distinct way that free blackjack can be used to help you make more money is through online entertainment sites that offer prizes for play. An example of such a site is offers a host of free casino games, allowing you to accumulate credits, which can then be used to enter into draws for cash and prizes. You could practice your blackjack at, win a prize of free credits at Golden Palace, and turn your prize into real cash winnings!


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