Slots Articles

January 31, 2018

How to play Slots

by OnlineSlotsFinder Slots is the easiest game to play.

Slot machine types

by OnlineSlotsFinder There are hundreds of different types and variations. In this article we describe the main features that you can find playing slots.

Slots Odds

by OnlineSlotsFinder What determines the house edge.

Slots Myths

by OnlineSlotsFinder Misleading and sometimes incorrect information about slot machines

Slots Strategy

by OnlineSlotsFinder Some tips which we hope will be useful when you are playing Slots.

Slot Machine Myths

by Henry Tamburin A lot of casino players love to play the slots but the majority don’t understand how they work. “Theories” have developed amongst slot players to explain they’re playing results and observations. Worst yet are published books and articles that often contain misleading and sometimes incorrect information about slot machines. To set the record straight here are the most talked about slot machine myths and the real truth.

How Slot Machines Work

by Tom Harris We won't even try to explain it better than Tom Harris did. It is the best articles on the net about slots, I suppose. Read them to find out what is "The One-Armed Bandit" how it works, explanation of modern slot machines and slots odds!