Three Card Poker

April 21, 2015

Last updated: Sep 20, 2006

The name of the game refers to the fact that during the game 2 hands of 3 cards are dealt. A player makes a gaming decision without drawing additional cards.

The game varies in names and somewhere in terms but not in rules. You can find three card poker as Tri card poker or Triple Card Poker.

There are two games in one. A player can play against the dealer (Ante Game) or wager if player's hand will be at least a pair or a higher (Pair Plus Game). Player can also play both games at ones.

Playing Ante game

  • Player places an Ante wager
  • Three cards are dealt to player's hand and 3 cards to dealer's hand
  • Player decides weather he wants to stay in game (Raise or Call)
  • If player does not believe the his hand can beat the dealer's - player folds, 'Ante Wager' is lost*
  • If player believe the hand can beat the dealer's hand - player raises, that is he places a 'Play wager' which is equal to initial ('Ante wager')
  • Dealer faces his cards
  • If Dealer's hand doesn't have at least a Queen or higher - dealer doesn't qualify. 'Play wager' is returned to player, even money paid on Ante wager
  • If dealer's hand is queen or higher - dealer qualifies
  • Player's and dealer's hands are compared. Read Poker Hands in Three card Poker
  • If player's hand is higher than dealer's, player wins both Ante and Play wagers on even (1:1) money
  • If not - player loses both Ante and Play wagers

*If player folds he also loses pair plus wager if it was made.

If Player makes an Ante wager he is eligible for a bonus payout. Bonus Payout made according to the table below, regardless of the outcome of the Ante game.

Ante Bonus Payouts

Player's HandPayout
Straight Flush5:1
Three of a Kind4:1

Playing a Pair Plus Game in 3 card poker

  • Player makes a wager on Pair Plus
  • Three cards are dealt to player's hand
  • If the player's hand contains a winning combination payments are made according to 'Pair Plus Payout table':

Pair Plus Payout

Straight Flush40:1
Three of a Kind30:1

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