Three Card Poker Hands

July 26, 2014

Last updated: Nov 14, 2006

Three Card Poker is played with a 52-card deck. There are four different suits: Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades. Suit of the cards have meaning in forming Straight Flush and Flush - the cards in one suite.

Cards rank from lowest 2's to highest Aces.

Straight Flush

Three cards of the same suit in sequence.

Nine of Clubs Ten of Clubs Joker of Clubs

Three of a kind

Three cards of the same rank.

Ten of Clubs Ten of Diamonds Ten of Hearts


Three consecutive cards. They need not be of the same suit.

Seven of Clubs Eight of Diamonds Nine of Clubs


Three cards of the same suit.

Four of Clubs Joker of Clubs Six of Clubs

A pair

Two of the three cards are the same rank.

Joker of Diamonds Joker of Clubs Five of Clubs

High card

Three cards of different ranks or suits. Queen or higher - at least one card should be a Queen or higher.

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