Three Card Poker Strategy

July 26, 2014

Last updated: Apr 02, 2007

Due to the fact that players are only dealt three cards, the hand ranking differs slightly from that of the traditional 5 card poker. This is why it is important to learn a small amount of strategy when playing Three Card poker. There is no scientific formula to win at poker, but knowing the nuances helps to minimalize the possibility of losing.

The straight flush is paid out when there are three consecutive cards of the same suit. Other wins are given for 3 of a kind, a straight (3 cards in sequence of any suit), a flush (3 cards of the same suit), a pair and a high card - if this card is higher than the dealer's high card.

The strategy in Three Card Poker is quite simple compared with other forms of poker where a lot more thought is involved. When in the ante stage, the player should fold if the hand is lower than Queen-6-4. If the hand is higher, the play should continue.

In order to determine whether the hand is worth playing on (better than Queen, six, four), the first highest card should be compared with the Queen. If it is higher, the player should continue. The other 2 cards should be ignored. If the first card is a Queen, then the second card should be used to determine whether to continue or not. If the second card is higher than 6, play should continue. If the card is lower than 6, the player should not be continued.

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Wizard of odds offers detailed look into the Three cards poker strategy. All decisions are based on calculations of probabilities.