Blackjack Rules

September 4, 2017


Blackjack is fairly straightforward once you grow accustomed to playing it, but many players prefer to read all of the rules before they sit down, and this is likely a good idea. Blackjack rules are not set in stone. In fact, they vary from game to game depending on a small set of variables that the house chooses for the game.

Generally stated, each blackjack player competes only against the dealer (i.e. the bank/casino), not against other players. Your goal as the player is to beat the dealer by drawing cards until your hand comes close to 21, without exceeding it. If your first two cards total 21, you have what is known as a 'natural blackjack'. If the dealer gets closer to 21 than you without going over themselves, they win. The dealer follows a strict set of blackjack rules written just for them, and knowing what the dealer must do at the table is as important as knowing what you yourself can do.

Learning blackjack rules online is a great deal easier than trying to learn at a table in a land-based casino. Besides the pressure you feel from the players around you, and the dealers themselves, you are expected to wager your money as you learn. This is something everyone prefers to avoid. Playing online eases this concern, as you may play unlimited amounts of blackjack on a free play version before placing any real bets. To try playing for free, download the casino software suite; it includes both free and real versions of all our popular games.

Blackjack rules online are the same as in a land-based casino, and as mentioned previously, can vary slightly from establishment to establishment. To playing online is very simple, since the software won't let you make any real errors, playing is as simple as clicking your mouse. Open our software to see how many bet denominations are readily available. To place a bet for a specific denomination click on the chip, the software will automatically place this chip in the betting area for you. To remove a bet, right click on the stack in the betting area.

All standard forms of blackjack rules dictate that the numerical values of the cards are: (10, J, Q, K) = 10, (Ace) = 1 or 11, (other cards) = face value (3 = 3).

Blackjack rules for the dealer are very simple. If the dealer's hand is 16 or less, they must take a card. If the dealer's hand is 17 or more, they must stand. Note that some casinos allow the dealer to hit on soft 17, which gives the house a very small additional advantage. In the software the dealer must stand on all seventeen's. The dealer's strategy is fixed and they do not change their decisions in an attempt to beat the players.

The player can do most anything they want as far as hitting and standing goes. Should a player get a natural blackjack (first 2 cards are an Ace and a ten) standard blackjack rules payoff at 150% (or 3 to 2) the original bet. For example, betting $10.00 determines the payoff to be $15.00. Doubling down is restricted to 2-card hands, totaling 9, 10, or 11. When the option to double down is available, the software will ask you if you wish to ---> more blackjack rules